Meet our members: Hotel Plinio

Dear friends and supporters,

Thanks to the unconditional support of some local businesses we have been able to continue all of our programs. We are very grateful and would like all of you to know who they are:

Our supporters Hotel Plinio ( are located at the edge of the rain forest, almost becoming part of it. It is the perfect place to retreat from our busy life. Their rooms have super high ceilings and suites can have up to three stories, all of them with wood decks to lounge, relax and enjoy the view. They have about 10km of trails in the forest and a 17m tower to fully enjoy the lush biodiversity of the region. Their restaurant and cantina “Jefe’s” mexican cuisine is excellent and roumours’ say that they serve the best margaritas in town.
Hotel Plinio has been supporting KSTRF for years now and thanks to their help we have been able to rescue and rehabilitate several sloths, squirrel monkeys and a porcupine! You can become a supporting member too and help kids save the rainforest!

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