February 2013 Newsletter – HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!!!

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    The animals of the rainforest wish our supporters a Happy Valentine’s Day and want to thank you for helping them! KSTR has a great idea for your list of Valentines. Make a donation before the end of January and we will send you a certificate in the name of your loved one which makes a perfect Valentine’s Day card. Spread some love and save the wildlife! Donate here! W…e sincerely appreciate your support in helping us to continue our lifesaving work with the wildlife in our area!
    As you may already know we are excited to be moving our Wildlife Rescue Center to our Wildlife Sanctuary enabling us to serve even more rainforest animals within our budget. We are thrilled that the Rescue Center will be able to continue to operate in its new location with plans for some wonderful improvements including a teaching window so our vet can share with visitors her work with the animals as she is caring for them.Thanks again for your ongoing support, we look forward to sending more good news about our continuing progress at the KSTR Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue Center soon!Pura vida from KSTR


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