KSTR is launching a new project………… GPS Collar Program


We have a new and exciting project that we are working on and Kids Saving the Rainforest needs your support. One of our main missions at KSTR is to rehabilitate and release animals back to the wild.  Sometimes these are adult animals who have been electrocuted, hit by a car, attacked by dogs etc.  Sometimes these are orphaned baby animals that are hand raised by us and then trained to be able to live in the wild.  One of the most important aspects of a release is monitoring the animals AFTER the release has occurred in order to really know if they are going to be ok out in the wild.  As you can imagine, it is particularly important to monitor hand-raised animals as they have not been trained by their real mothers!

We would like to start a new post-release monitoring program at KSTR using GPS collars.  GPS collars are collars that use GPS technology in order to track where an animal is going throughout the day.  These collars are so specific that it can tell us where the animal is located down to the exact tree!  They also have the ability to tell us if the animal is active or resting.  This information would allow us to know where the animal is located, how far they are traveling throughout the day, how active they are, where they are going and for how long etc.  All information that would be invaluable in assessing their progress in learning how to live in the wild!  Even better is that the GPS collars can be re-used for future animals and they can be programmed to drop off after a certain amount of time (say 6 months) so that the animal doesn’t have to be re-caught in order to get the collar back.  Basically, these collars are amazing and they would really help us save animals and get them back into the wild in a responsible and scientific manner.  Unfortunately because the collars are so amazing they are also relatively expensive and to get started with the GPS collar program we need $6,000.  Donations are needed to continue using the GPS collar for future releases.



The first animal that we are trying to put a GPS collar on is Al the anteater. He is so curious, so sweet, and really belongs to be free!  He came to the KSTR rescue center when he was about a month old after his mom was hit by a car and killed.  You can learn much more about Al and our other animals that need GPS collars by going to: www.kidssavingtherainforest.org

We plan to take this campaign to the internet and really get a fundraiser going to raise the money to start this ground breaking program.  If you think you would like to help get this started you would be supporting something that has never been done before in Costa Rica at a wildlife rescue center!  We will be making history!

Thank you for supporting KSTR!!!



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