Projects we are working on

We’ve worked diligently over the last several years (since February 1999) to

make a difference:

  • KSTR has purchased 4 acres of rainforest property where we built an animal rehabilitation center in which we care for and release injured and abandoned animals. We have saved and released over 30 animals so far!
  • KSTR has erected and maintains more than 120 monkey bridges that are used by monkeys and other animals so they don’t get hit by cars when crossing roads, nor electrocuted by using power lines.
  • KSTR has a reforestation program in which we have planted over 5000 trees to reforest and to create monkey corridors.
  • KSTR has a kid’s camp every Saturday where we teach local and visiting kids about the rainforest, its destruction, and then empower them to save it.
  • KSTR has Sister Schools and members all around the world, including countries such as India, Denmark, Viet Nam, England, Pakistan, France, Canada, USA, and Costa Rica.
  • KSTR has a Gift Shop where we sell artwork made by kids and local artisans. 100% of the profits go to saving the rainforest.
  • KSTR has a program within our community and in the National Park, where we teach the public about the importance of not feeding the monkeys.
  • KSTR has a public library, (the first in the area); with over 2000 books that people can borrow.
  • KSTR has published 3 children’s books that are being sold to the public.

With the help of volunteers, friends, classmates, & the community, we’ve gone a long way.


2 thoughts on “Projects we are working on

  1. Our class is interested in finding ways to help your organization. We are in Tustin, California, but looking for ways to make a difference for kinkajous and other forest dwelling friends. Thank you!

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