Kids Saving the Rainforest and Blue Banyan Inn: A Symbiotic Relationship

Blue Banyan Inn

Did you know that Kids Saving the Rainforest manages a Bed & Breakfast to help raise funds to save the rainforest and wildlife in the area? We realize that very few people do!  KSTR has been managing the Blue Banyan Inn (BBI) for over 3 years now!

BBI consists of 3 luxury cottages with a panoramic view of the mountains, a spectacular swimming pool, and a beautiful restaurant for daily breakfasts, just10 minutes from Maxi Pali, 15 minutes from Quepos and Marina and 30 minutes from the National Park/main beach.

Even more great news, BBI lets volunteers use the gorgeous swimming pool whenever they have down-time! Plus there is a great labyrinth and even a nursery that grows food for sloths.  Internet is great with a KSTR tower. BBI also lets KSTR use the kitchen and restaurant where the volunteers have a group lunch daily from 12 – 1:30 PM.

To make it even sweeter, BBI offers the B&B lobby as a greeting area for KSTR’s tours, a refreshment area after the tours, and has lent space for KSTR set up a store to raise money for the wildlife in their care. KSTR also has a volunteer center (that can sleep up to 18 people) on the property, for volunteers residing on the property.

You can’t ask for a more generous opportunity than that and KSTR is extremely grateful!

Blue Banyan Inn (BBI) is owned by a family who actually live on the property. So it is a win-win situation and Kids Saving the Rainforest wants to thank the Braman/Thompson family for their generosity. And a special thanks to Chip and Jennifer for having the KSTR Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue Center location on their property. Learn more at






Kids Saving The Rainforest Monkey Bridges


April 2013

By Jennifer Rice PhD, President of Kids Saving the Rainforest

In the year 2000, a group called Amigos Del Monos came to Kids Saving the
Rainforest (KSTR) and told us that they could not get ICE, (the Electric
Company), to help them put up monkey bridges. They felt that KSTR could
get their attention.

Luckily we were able to do so and the KSTR Monkey Bridge Program was
started. Here is what most people want to know when learning about our

· KSTR works with ICE & our KSTR Monkey Bridge team; Rocio, Lenin, and

· To date we have put up over 170 bridges & maintained them on a
monthly basis.

· Currently there are 130 functioning monkey bridges.

· The others have come down because of development and loss of monkey

· We put up a bridge wherever there is a need for one, where a monkey
has been electrocuted or hit.

· They are used to keep monkeys away from live wires and from getting
hit by cars.

· We make sure the branches of trees don’t grow into live wires near

· Where troops can’t reach other troops for breeding, we put bridges.

· The rope for the bridges is very costly and each bridge costs $100
to put up!

·The Titi monkey has been on the critically endangered UN list since

· All of this subspecies live in our area.

· At the last official count there were estimated to be only 1200 of
this subspecies left in the world.

· Our unofficial data by Lenin Roseles states that we now have over
3000 Titis!

· We are going to be doing an official count as soon as possible.

· KSTR is very grateful to have helped make saving this species

· Please support our monkey bridge program by adopting a bridge.

· If you want a bridge, please go to adopt a bridge at:

Thanks so much for reading this article and please contact us if you want
more information. You can also visit our Souvenir Store where 100% of the
proceeds go to save the rainforest. It is located at the Hotel Mono Azul
in Manuel Antonio.

Jennifer Rice
Kids Saving The Rainforest