Today is EARTH DAY!!!

Photo: It's so amazing how something starts of so small!
This is a breadfruit tree being planted in our multi-species enclosure so the animals will be able to feed themselves! This is our group of local volunteers helping out! Thanks to for the donation!

Article on Tree Planting

Welcome to the rainy season in the rainforest! This time of year is great for Kids Saving the Rainforest because it is when we get to plant trees. We plant trees for anyone who needs to reforest or make corridors for the monkeys. If you would like to plant trees to help the monkeys on your property, please contact us. If you have workers that can plant the trees for you, we can drop the trees off. Just email us at in May or in June you can call us at 2 777 2592 for more information.And last but not least, if you would like to plant the trees yourselves, we can teach you how to do it.Below you will find information to help you to plant on your own!

Planting a tree:

  1. Cut and clean the roots, then remove the weeds of the surrounding area where the tree is going to be planted, carefully using a machete to do so. The circumference of the hole should be about 20 inches.
  2. Dig a hole the size that is needed to plant the tree, the roots should be completely covered but no part of the branches should be covered. Allow an inch above the roots to be planted but no further. Therefore when digging the hole you should see how long the roots are to see how deep the hole should be and be sure to make the hole is wide enough to accommodate the roots.
  3. Carefully remove the plastic bag from around the sapling, making sure not to loose the dirt that is surrounding the roots of the tree.
  4. Place the tree in the hole carefully, making sure the roots are extended and cautiously placed.
  5. It is recommended to put a little dirt, a little fertilizer, (if you use more it will burn the tree so just use small amounts) and then fill the hole with dirt.
  6. Pack the dirt well and make a little hill of dirt above the level of the hole so that the rains will compact the dirt. By packing the dirt well, rainwater can’t fill the hole with water, drowning the tree.
  7. When planting trees that will be large as adults, it is recommended that you plant each tree 5 meters away from the next. If planting trees that will grow to be smaller, you can place them 3 meters apart from each other.
  8. You can plant them in rows, 5 meters apart, if you are looking for a barrier to keep the winds out during a hurricane.
  9. You can choose to plant them in rows of 5 meters, and the next row will be trees that are between the two and a half meters of each tree making it an uneven line.
  10. The best time to plant trees is during the rainy season, the worst time is in the dry season.

Article by volunteer

Written by Volunteer Bonnie Riggle

I had the privilege of volunteering for Kids Saving The Rainforest last month. I got to go out with Kids Saving The Rainforest (KSTR) on a field trip. (The kids meet every Saturday at the KSTR camp in Manuel Antonio to learn about the rainforest and to help save it.) We went out to plant trees for the monkey corridor at Playa Del Ray beach which became an extension of the Manuel Antonio National Park in the last year.

Seventeen of us loaded into vans and cars, along with 138 trees, and headed out.We were met at the beach by 3 National Park Rangers who used machetes to clear the vines and undergrowth in circles of 4 feet diameter each.Then two of the KSTR members would move into the circle.They began to work together,one would tromp down on the shovel and lift out a shovel full of dirt.Then the other one standing on the other side of the hole would lift out another shovel full of dirt.It only took about four shovels full to make the hole big enough.Then someone else would come along with the seedling trees.These ranged in size from 10 inches to 24 inches tall.The next step was removing the plastic bag from around the roots and getting the root ball set at the proper depth.One person would shovel in some dirt while the other person made sure the seedling remained upright and at the proper depth.Then they would tap down the dirt and finish filling the hole. Then off they would go to the next spot.By working together they were able to plant 138 trees in 2 hours!What a record!

Later we all had a delicious BBQ of hot dogs and hamburgers, cooked by some of the KSTR members, and the kids played some games!

This was one of the most fun-filled, awesome, rewarding, wonderful days of my life. A day I will never forget!

Just think, it all started with one young girl, Janine Licare, when she was 9 years old! She continues to work with other kids, not just in Costa Rica, but around the world, working to save the rainforest.

In the past 6 years, KSTR has planted 4950 seedling trees.They have also built 97 monkey bridges so that the monkeys can cross the roads safely.

The kids are our future, and they are doing a great job of making the world a better place for us all!